Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Helping Flood Victims" Step 2 : Rehabilitation

After raising funds to help flood victims of Pakistan to meet their day to day necessities, we Pakistanis are now moving towards the second step of our flood relief campaign i.e Rehabilitation.

In this regards we are going to hold an open meeting at IBA on Thursday (23rd sept) at APWA Auditorium at 4:00 pm to discuss the role or IBA faculty, alumnus, staff  and students to establish this fund. The core purpose of this meeting is to develop an organization and team of faculty, students, IBA staff members to manage this fund.

Join us this Thursday to decide on different ways to reconstruct homes, schools and hospitals for the victims of this catastrophe. 


Venue: Apwa Auditorium
Date & Time: Thursday 23rd September, 4pm
For Further Details Contact: 03004396397 or 0333-2225662

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Door to Door Fundraiser - Lets do more than just grieve over our loss!

"Lets stop blaming the government for a change

Lets do something for the country ourselves

Our Country needs us.

Join us on this weekend to go door to door to collect material, anything you can get hands on. The funds will be deposited in the Flood Relief Fund"

We are trying to do our utmost to do whatever we can in our capacity to help the victims of the record-breaking flood in Pakistan. Kindly join our hands in going door-to-door and collecting funds and whatever you can get your hands on to donate. We'll be needing volunteers from all areas who can guide us in their respective areas. The tentative timings will be around 1-9 p.m. this saturday and sunday. The funds will be deposited transparently in the flood relief fund. Kindly fill the below form for confirmation of your participation.

For further details please contact: 0300-4396397 or 0333-2225662